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god lord, still more names...

From: <>
Date: Sun 05 May 1996 - 04:58:32 PDT

Hey Butchies:
I've got to stop thinking about new names for Pat; I'm starting to have very odd dreams about the band. Have they ever worked with *backup dancers*?? Yeah, I didn't think so either.
Since 'Electric Sumo' got a positive reaction, I've tried to come up with a few that continue in the 'adjective-noun-noun' vein, but all I could come up with was "Electric Sumo Orchestra," which sounded kind of interesting until I remembered ELO, and all the adolescent heaving my friends and I did over them in the early eighties, so I think that's right out... But the latest fun has been "Majordomo." Obstrepous, yet intriguing, with a good nose and a light bouquet of peach... Somebody stop me; I have a class to teach! Cheers--
Please don't cut off all aol accounts! I t graduate school for all sorts of valid emotional and economic reasons; it's not my fault I don't have a plush job or nice .edu account! If it would help the spam reduction, I can plunk something in my Re: line that identifies my files!!? Let me know... aka Received on Sun May 5 14:03:07 1996

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