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Date: Sun 05 May 1996 - 21:18:52 PDT

Hi all,

I just couldn't resist joining the discussion with the slight chance of actually making a creative contribution to Pat's career.

So far, the only suggested name that has really appealed to me is "The Sonic Look." I didn't really get the reference (something about jazz being a look, or some such), but the paradox appealled to me. It also got me thinking. The fish/oceanic names seem to appeal to Pat (for obvious reasons). How about "Sonar"? It's nice, terse, and ambiguous. Variations on this name might include "Underwater Sonar" or "Sonic Underground" (I know, much to Velvets, but I thought I'd throw it in anyways.) How about "The Sonar Revolution"? Or "Sonar Subversion"? ("make way for cute submarines...")

Personally, my all-time favorite unused (so far as I know) band name is "Kilgore Trout" (hey, I just realized it's a fish name!). For those of you who don't know, it's a character from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s novels (Slaughter House 5, Breakfast of Champions, etc.) I've suggested this to friends looking for names for their own bands, but nobody has taken me up on it. Maybe one day when I finally learn to play the guitar...

Just some ideas. Feel free to pilfer at will.


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