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What's the real story with the Black Eg?

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Date: Sun 12 May 1996 - 21:51:36 PDT

I've just picked up copy of The Black Eg CD (1991) from a secondhand bin and its an odd one. It gets a few mentions on the JBC homepage but mostly saying what is on the inside cover. Brothers Von Daemmerungs moving from Czech to Vienna; freaking everyone out who happens upon them etc etc. Quite funny but definately fictitious. Looking at one graphic on the Black Eg, I saw Peter Murphy's name. I also heard Pat had some sort of involvement.

There's some interesting samples on the CD which is Dance music of sorts. The spoken word sounds very like the guy who tells how to bake a chicken on "The Best Way" Fischoteque. He says "Quality in Sound" a lot which is also Del's logo for the JBC homepage. Also there's a very garbled sample of the "Been there, don't like" chorus of "Pineapple Tuesday", Cult of the Basement in a song "The Mi-Lai Hotel". The same song ends with some Brian Eno thrown in.

Strange stuff but worth the novelty value. So my question is: Who were they really? Is it JBC adopting a different guise for experimental purposes. To my knowledge there was only one CD produced. As the cover says, there is a rumour that they are currently in Los Angeles engaged on some form of private espionage.

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