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From: Arik K Florimonte <>
Date: Tue 14 May 1996 - 12:15:19 PDT


here's what I'll do. I'll post the list of names. Everyone respond to me with your votes. Each person should select up to 5. I will tabulate the votes and post the top 5 vote getters on, say, May 24th. Someone should probably send the entire list to Pat, just for kicks. Have fun with your voting, and all.


Begin List

Alanis Morissette's Uncle Luigi
Alice Aforethought
Audio Aquatic
Beasts and Superbeasts
Beyond the Sonic Barrier
The Boisterous Fellows
Eclectic Sumo
Electric Sumo
Electric Sumo Orchestra
Elvis of the Midlands
The Great American Sumo Diet
The Great Euphrates
Lefty A Go-Go
The Lord? (yes, include the question mark) Majordomo
Minor Deity (Conglomeration)
Northhampton Sound Machine
Nostril Domus
Pale and Juan
Paragons of Virtue
Paris Trout
Raven Lakrits
The Salvador Dali Parton Experience
Sextet (w/other words optionally added before Sextet, e.g the Eddie Van Halen Sextet)
Sky Blue Wallpaper
Sonic Barrier
Sonic Doom
The Sonic Look
Sonic Lorry/Sonic Lorries
Sonic Sumo
Spam Avoidance Techniques
Spool of Thread
Ticket To Racheland
Very Friendly
Vicarious Everything
Wane Poetic
Yusef Bothands Received on Tue May 14 21:17:41 1996
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