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From: E.B. <>
Date: Tue 14 May 1996 - 13:40:41 PDT

Hello folks,

I've been reading all the new name suggestions with a great deal of disgust, frankly. Here we are, hoping that Mr. Fish will get some long overdue commercial attention, and the only names people suggest are these hopelessly silly 20-letter goofs that no one in the world would ever remember. Let's try to be a wee bit sensible, eh? Here's a radical thought: Why doesn't the new record get released under the name PAT FISH? It's not the flashiest name in the world, but it's a lot more marketable than The Flying Technicolor Cabbage and the like.

Regarding Sumosonic: This name is AWFUL. Not only it is too similar to past names like Semisonic, Stetasonic, Technotronic, Sonic Youth, etc., it doesn't reflect the content of Pat's music at ALL. I hear "Sumosonic," and I think of some Japanese techno band. So will everyone else. This name is terrible! If that's really the final choice, Pat has shot himself in the foot again. See, I never was too happy with "The Jazz Butcher" either, which was just as fatally misleading. Think of all the thousands of people who came across this name and said, "Ah, I don't like jazz so much. On to the next band...." Don't underestimate the negative effect the word "Jazz" has had on Pat's career.

That said, I've been a big Jazz Butcher fan since Bloody Nonsense and own almost everything, minus a couple of items (I've also interviewed him twice, circa Condition Blue and Fishcotheque). Which brings me to this question: Can anyone (preferably in the US) make me a good-quality tape of A Bath In Bacon, or even have an extra copy of it? I'm not much of a "tape trader," but I've got more extra CD's around than you'd ever believe....

Stirring the waters,

PS I haven't bought Illuminate yet, because I'm hoping for a cheaper domestic version. But I know there's a song called something like "When Eno Sings," which entices me no end. Can anyone post the lyrics? Received on Tue May 14 22:40:58 1996

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