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Re: Now look here

From: M.M.J. Fogel <>
Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 06:38:28 PDT

On Wed, 15 May 1996, N.R.C.U.V. wrote:

> >How do we know it ISN'T techno?
> It IS
> No, REALLY, it is though.

> This isn't to say that we're setting
> out to alienate, just that, for the first time in fourteen years,
> Pat isn't running scared of
> alienation. Fortunately, I think the end result is good enough to
> transcend this - Okay,
> some of you are going to hate it
> (I think I can tell who from recent communication), but
> then you'll have TEN albums full of what you really wanted to turn back to.
> Anyone who can cope with a bit of a shake-up will probably love this
> record and, crucially, unless
> someone fucks the release up (and it sure hasn't been us) you will have many

>, many new pals. I've only seen Pat make one JBC record and one post-JBC 

> one, but the
> difference between the two is astounding... we've just made it our own way,
> and if anyone
> else likes it, it'll be completely fucking inevitable.
Good point, Gabriel. After ten Butcher releases and a couple of generously long EPs, maybe it's a good thing that he's decided to move along. I think it's kinda selfish of us not to let 'im. I mean, for ten years now, Fish has been generous enough to share his life with us, 25 people at a time (this being the average showing at any one show in any one town in any one city stateside at any one time). He's seen us through the drinking years, the philosophical years and the lonely years. He's paid his dues, let him enter the club!

And all that aside...there is one other thing to consider.

He's a pro.

He was making records when Hootie were doing their homework and listening to REM.

He knows what he's doing and he knows what he likes to play...IMHO, let 'im play.
> Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a rant, but I just get cross
> when people suggest that we don't think about shit. We do.
> Obvifuckingously (tmesis).

> Illuminate will be released in the USA in 1997.
> There's gonna be a new compilation first.
And that brings about another point! Typically three years behind the rest of the world (even when a war's going on), the Americans will have plenty of opportunity to sample JBC in the next couple of years. And with two Fish projects on the shelves at the same time, he might get the commercial success he deserves. Is he selling out? Well, he's gotta keep petrol in the love bus somehow, doesn't he?  

> Survive and thrive,
> Gabriel (N.R.C.U.V.)
> It really is techno.

That said, I hope he doesn't permanently retire the Tele...

Also on a rant,

I remain eternally,

That Which Is Matt.

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