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Re: Sumosonic

From: Jim Gibbin <>
Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 07:27:27 PDT

>E.B. wrote:
>> Regarding Sumosonic: This name is AWFUL. Not only it is too similar to past
>> names like Semisonic, Stetasonic, Technotronic, Sonic Youth, etc., it
>> doesn't reflect the content of Pat's music at ALL. I hear "Sumosonic," and
>> I think of some Japanese techno band. So will everyone else. This name is
>> terrible!
>And Chris Wrote:

>I was under the impression that part of what Pat was trying to do was
>make a break with his musical style of the past (?) and try something new.
>(I know I've read something about him being frustrated with the listening
>patterns of his fans, or somesuch.) How do we know it ISN'T techno? :)
Received on Wed May 15 16:29:34 1996

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