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From: Doc <75602.2577_at_CompuServe.COM>
Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 20:26:08 PDT

Boy, wotta load of...stuff has wafted downwind from the JBC Pasture in the past three or four days...two postings from The Bishop and suddenly, a veritable feeding frenzy of notes comes a-flyin' from all corners.

Seeing as there's a boatload of people already out there kicking the conversation at my post, I thought I'd step away from the Official Lurker/Wallflower Welcoming Desk and just say that I've gotten more emotion, energy, from Pat's JBC stuff than I can ever count, and I thank him for what he's done. I was about to give up listening to music altogether when I heard the big wall of sound from "Susie" one august afternoon a couple of years ago. Things ain't been the same since.

Having said that, it might seem odd that I agree with Bish': there's a load of JBC albums to hear over and over and over again. I play 'em frequently.

So with that comfy chair to sit in, I'm looking forward to the sonic stylings of Sumosonic. (Too many sonics, I know...suemo me.)

And frankly, I hope that Sumosonic get stinking rich and go through the bloody ceiling. (My only fear is that it's going to be an extended version of the guitar solo from Zappa's "Truck Driver Divorce", but I'm willing to take the plunge.)

A couple of questions:

First: the 1997 release of "Illuminate", the timing seems about right. It took about that long for the domestic releases of "Love Bus" and "Condition Blue". Think there's gonna be extra tracks on this doohickey?

Second: the best-of that's going to be released...when might we be seeing that and is the US release gonna be different than the UK release?

Third: is there any JBC sheet music available? I'm a neophyte guitarist and, having something less acoustically perfect than a tin ear, I have a hard time picking up the tunes just by listening to them. Sheet music'd be, well, brilliant!

Fourth: Bish' mentioned that radio stations in Chicago have the Sumosonic single...which ones? Any for sale or is it just on-air promotion only?

Look after yerselves...

-Ed, Doc, ~~...moving to Montana soon/gonna be a dental floss tycoon...~~ Received on Thu May 16 05:29:37 1996

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