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From: Alys Janice Schleicher <>
Date: Wed 15 May 1996 - 22:45:12 PDT

        Blah blah bla bla.
        All this talk about success and changes and whatnot seems a little 
strange to me- like Pat hasn't taken steps before? If the JBC were all about conforming to an expected standard then we'd be hearing more things like Distressed Gentlefolk and less of things like Illuminate, Cult of, etc. The reality of the situation is that Pat has always been at the wheel of the JBC.

        Seems to me that this whole thing is more about trying to create an audience- where the name has stood in the way before. The Jazz Butcher- what the fuck does it mean? If there's any attachment it has to be because we all found it easy to spot on the tour flier or in the record bin.

        Success???? Of course it's been nice to see Pat without having to fight for tickets. Every time he's been here he's offered to put me on the guestlist- but I've turned it down cause I'd rather pay and put some money in his touring/recording pile. Someone brought up a valid point though, how many artists can survive the 25-50 people gig and still make a living or land a recording contract? All I can say is that's its a fucking shame. Bands like Oasis and U2 put more money in their nose than Pat has ever made in 10 albums worth of quality work. Received on Thu May 16 07:46:10 1996

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