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Conscientious little Bishop

From: nrcuv <>
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 07:04:09 PDT

A bit more news:

Creation have sorted their lives out, so things are progressing a bit. Apparently we are one of the A&R crew's priority act. We must speak to him. Unfortunately, the studio where we've been recording has been really awkward, and the project (which has five days of work left) won't be absolutely complete until the end of June. Then what, I dunno. . .

If you live within spitting distance of the Racehorse in N'pton, it might be worthwhile to pop along on the 24th, as myself and Pat MAY do a little support slot for Kitchens O.D. (now, if we're gonna talk about great bands with cak names. . .) If you live any further away, don't bother, I dunno whether it'll happen or not and, as I am going to be away from resources for the next two weeks, I shan't be able to tell you.

The Fire re-release program has sprung back into action. News as it comes up.

Miscellaneous shit:
> the 1997 release of "Illuminate", the timing seems about right. It took
> about that long for the domestic releases of "Love Bus" and "Condition Blue".
> Think there's gonna be extra tracks on this doohickey?

Mebbe. There's a little instrumental we recorded at the same time which is rather pretty, and a couple of remixes that might be added. . . that said, we agonised long and hard about putting that record together, and to tack extra shit on to a track listing that took three weeks of conference to finalise (it's the one thing about the record which is still undeniably wholesome, in my humble one) might be an act of grossest sabotage. The whole point of recording "True Stories", a tune that Pat wrote in the eighties, was that it should be the last noise ever heard from the Butcher. I was there, and it still makes my spine go on one a bit.

> the best-of that's going to be released...when might we be seeing that
> and is the US release gonna be different than the UK release?

I think they hope to have it out by the end of the year, and it will be a US-only release.  

> Bish' mentioned that radio stations in Chicago have the Sumosonic
> single...which ones? Any for sale or is it just on-air promotion only?

Sorry, dunno which ones. The record has not been pressed in any way, and what's getting played is just DATs direct from the studio. I don't really know how it came about, but I detect the hand of O'Donoghue.

>> It really is techno.
> That said, I hope he doesn't permanently retire the Tele. . .
Fear not, plenty Tele with techno. When people finally get to here this, it might well be that the Tele-buffs go "Urgh, techno," and the techno-buffs go "What's that peculiar noise that sounds like a sample from one of those OLD records?" Only joking. . .

Right, duty discharged.

Laffs: have them and have many.

Your pal,

All down Cafe Warsteiner forthwith (and with forth, if nethethary) Received on Thu May 16 16:05:48 1996

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