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Counterrevolutionary drivel

From: <>
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 09:48:41 PDT

Just thought I'd put in a few words about the state of things being discussed on this list.

First off, the list seems to be resurrected. (hooray!) At least people are actively discussing something.

Secondly, I'd like to give a meager defense of those reactionaries on the list who are restistant to change and just want more of the same from the jbc. It's been argued that these people can just go to hell, as far as the powers that be (i.e., Pat & Co.) are concerned, because the Butcher has done his hard time and produced his records. "Just go listen to the old albums and get tied" seems to be the argument. My point: this would be okay if we could just get our hands on the albums!! About a month ago, half the posts to this list (other than junk spam) consisted of "Does anybody please know where I can find Jazz Butcher stuff on cd??" If you don't believe this is really a problem, then go out and try to find a copy of _Bath_Of_Bacon_. Go ahead, I dare you. Yeah, I know the Fire rereleases are said to be in the works, but we've been listening to that for a while now.

Sorry to rant, but I experienced deep personal trama the other day when my only copy (thanks Joe!) of "Scandal/Sex and Travel" got partially eaten by my tape player the other day. (sob.)

By the way, that best-of thingy, will it be a creation-era only comp.? If so, it seems a bit of a waste (though not completely, of course). I mean, the last three albums are the only ones we seem to be able to get our hands on at all, let alone in cd format. And I want my "Drink," dammit (and my "So. Mark Smith," too).

Marketing suggestion: Couldn't you bribe some promising new band to constantly drop the jbc as a major influence in interviews. This seems to be the only reason that it is still possible to by music from Big Star, The Melvins, The Meat Puppets, Husker Du, and even the Velvet Underground, just to name a few. I'm sure that rereleases would be no problem then.

That said, (and I realize that a lot of this is out of Pat's hands, but it feels good to let off steam) I wish Pat the best of luck in his new adventure. I may hate it, and Pat may be come the biggest thing since Milli Vanilli had their Grammy taken away. (But let me just say that both of these things seem *extremely* unlikely.)

Final name suggestion (I promise!): can't you just drop the "sonic" thing all together and just be called "Sumo". Less really is more, and all that.

Oh, and one last thing: re: the possibility of a final US farewell tour, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

Okay, I'll shut up now,

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