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re: Drivel

From: E.B. <>
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 11:28:12 PDT

> GREG wrote:
>Marketing suggestion: Couldn't you bribe some promising new band to
>constantly drop the jbc as a major influence in interviews? This seems
>to be the only reason that it is still possible to by music from
>Big Star, The Melvins, The Meat Puppets, Husker Du, and even the Velvet
>Underground, just to name a few. I'm sure that rereleases would be no
>problem then.

Pssst, tell a friend...the Jazz Butcher is Noel Gallagher's #1 influence (nudge nudge)....

OK notion (half-kidding though it may be), but I don't think the Meat Puppets belong on this list. The guys are at the peak of their powers, and selling more records than they ever have in their career. If I'm not mistaken, last year's Too High To Die actually went Gold in the States. I don't think the new No Joke! album has sold quite as well, but it's just as good a disc.

Perhaps Robyn Hitchcock's new Warner Bros. alignment will bring HIM a long overdue payoff, and the old Jazz Butcher records can Hitch a ride on Robyn's coattails...that is, if the records become available again....

>Final name suggestion (I promise!): can't you just drop the "sonic"
>thing all together and just be called "Sumo". Less really is more, and
>all that.

Great suggestion! That "-Sonic" thing is death. With a brand-new band out (and flopping) called Semisonic, the fate of "Sumosonic" seems sealed. The name's probably just a Sonic Boom tribute, anyway -- after all, Pat's self-destructive Spacemen 3 worship has gotten completely out of hand....

Still unanswered question: What US label will Illuminate and the compilation be released on???

E.B. Received on Thu May 16 20:27:51 1996

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