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From: Jim Gibbin <>
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 14:17:37 PDT

Reply To:

>(Alys Janice Schleicher)
>The Jazz Butcher- what the fuck does it mean? If there's any attachment it
>has >to be because we all found it easy to spot on the tour flier or in
>the record >bin.

I beg your pardon.
Why do people insist on resorting to market metaphors for last-ditch criteria?

For ME, the question of what does the JBC mean is very complicated indeed. It conjurs up associations as disparate as life, conspiracies, energy, alcohol, sunglasses, gator-rhythms, lost-loves, miscellaneous scandals-in-bohemia, Henry Miller, Vladimir Voinovich, life under the Reagan administration, Hong Kong, Kathmandu (a little incident of a hotel fire), alcohol, a terrible amount of rumination, and, ultimately a hum-dinger of a nervous breakdown.

The world is a formidible place. The JBC was my secret weapon. So damn reliable.

But this ain't college no more (Cf. "10 years on other peoples floors"). The thing about conspiracies is that you are always just this side of paranoia. And alienation, real or vicarious, is not fun.

**Live long and perspire, Jim Gibbin

"Evidently when a scandal passes a certain magnitude it becomes invisible." --Orwell

"At present I'm just an orange that's been trodden on by a very dirty boot." --Orwell again Received on Thu May 16 23:20:52 1996

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