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From: Alys Janice Schleicher <>
Date: Thu 16 May 1996 - 14:46:21 PDT

>I beg your pardon.
>Why do people insist on resorting to market metaphors for last-ditch criteria?
>For ME, the question of what does the JBC mean is very complicated indeed.
>It conjurs up associations as disparate as life, conspiracies, energy,
>alcohol, sunglasses, gator-rhythms, lost-loves, miscellaneous
>scandals-in-bohemia, Henry Miller, Vladimir Voinovich, life under the
>Reagan administration, Hong Kong, Kathmandu (a little incident of a hotel
>fire), alcohol, a terrible amount of rumination, and, ultimately a
>hum-dinger of a nervous breakdown.
>The world is a formidible place. The JBC was my secret weapon. So damn
>But this ain't college no more (Cf. "10 years on other peoples floors").
>The thing about conspiracies is that you are always just this side of
>paranoia. And alienation, real or vicarious, is not fun.
>**Live long and perspire, Jim Gibbin

        -You seemed to have missed the point. Are we listeners or are we following around Pat, peaking through his garbage and all that. The Jazz Butcher is just a name- nothing else nothing more. And according to Pat is a God-awful name. How many people might have come to a JBC gathering but were put off by this name? Who thought that it might be some sort of Charlie Parker bashing band before they managed a listen?

        My point is that the music will remain mostly intact. Sure, it might go here and there but that's been part of the story all along hasnt it? The fact of the matter is that Pat has been and will be the creative genius behind the music- there's no escaping it, true stories or not (sorry Pat).

        "a junky just can't hear the facts" -Willam Burroughs Received on Thu May 16 23:49:51 1996

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