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re: Drivel

From: Grade D but Edible <>
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 08:44:20 PDT

Somia sez:

> >OK notion (half-kidding though it may be), but I don't think the Meat
> >Puppets belong on this list. The guys are at the peak of their powers, and
> >selling more records than they ever have in their career.
> Not to get off topic, but this is only true BECAUSE Nirvana pulled them on
> their bandwagon. Commercial success comes from exposure, not quality recordings.

Erm, care to back this argument up? Their star has risen consistently since the earliest SST days in the mid-80s. I haven't seen word a big spike in sales -- or concert attendance -- after their period of hanging out with Mr. Cobain and his lads ... just a steady upward line.

And commercial success does, often, come from quality recording. (e.g. _Nevermind_ -- it's an ace record by a band that before then was Indie-hype-fodder, but little more.) It doesn't guarantee commercial success, but it sure as shootin' can help.


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