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From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 15:20:25 PDT

A couple of points that flew by the recent torrent of name suggestions that surprised me.

Two people stated that the JBC only draw 25-50 people for US shows. This amazed me and surely it must be an exaggeration. I've seen him three times here in Vanocouver (including the one Pat picked as an all time top 20 gig) and the crowds ranged from a sellout (1100) to no fewer than 600 for the Condition Blue tour...which is unfortunately understandable.

Also, I hope this talk of a greatest hits being released stateside also included Canada. Peut etre, mes amis?

Lastly, with the death knell still ringing I posted a suggestion about two months ago that the trading of tapes begin in earnest as old material is virtually impossible to find and re-issues are but carrots being dangled as we trot. This post didn't seem to make it through to subscribers of the list so I'll try again and open the bidding with the offer to make available my Sex and Travel/Scandal in Bohemia CD, Western Family live CD, Illuminate CD, Waiting for the Love Bus CD, Cult of the Basement CD, Condition Blue CD, as well as most of the others on vinyl or second generation tape..oh and some live stuff from Paris and a radio station in California.

JBC, Sumosonic, doesn't really matter one bit. It's still Pat and some likeminded friends isn't. It's still going to be songs you can trust. Received on Fri May 17 23:22:05 1996

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