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Re: a thing of beauty is a joy forever

From: John Dylan Cooper <>
Date: Fri 17 May 1996 - 23:11:24 PDT

Gregor Young wrote:

> Two people stated that the JBC only draw 25-50 people for US shows. This
> amazed me and surely it must be an exaggeration. I've seen him three times
> here in Vancouver (including the one Pat picked as an all time top 20 gig)
> and the crowds ranged from a sellout (1100) to no fewer than 600 for the
> Condition Blue tour...which is unfortunately understandable.

I think it is a bit of an exaggeration, however in Seattle, which is not that far away from Vancouver, the JBC played at the Backstage, a venue which holds maybe 300 packed, and it wasn't full: I'd say about 150 to 200 showed for the Condition Blue stop here.

Perhaps the band is better known in Canada?

John Dylan Cooper
Received on Sat May 18 08:12:29 1996
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