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Black Eg

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Thu 30 May 1996 - 18:42:42 PDT

deja vu for some reason.

> THE BLACK EG really are East-European techno pals of ours.

That's as maybe, but they live in Glasgow these days.

Truth: not only is the third album excellent, but it's also absolutely the soundtrack for a bus ride in Glasgow. Absent mindedly listening to it on a walkman on the way to work the other day, I discovered this fact. It's hard to describe, but the experience was, well, psychedelic.

While my jaw was still dropped as a result of this, a very L A R G E black car of some description, with tinted windows and a generally sort of Politburo air to it purred by in the outside lane. License Plate? Nothing but: EG.

It could only have been the Daemmerungs. I've seen it since. I would try and get photographic evidence but on the offchance it's a Glaswegian Drug Baron and not Karl et al, I think taking happy snaps of it is probably a bit of a risk.

in hiding,


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