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Re: Strange goings-on at Creation!

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Wed 05 Jun 1996 - 10:51:41 PDT

>> >the chorus of "Wonderwall" IS "Mr Odd".
>> no kidding!
>What if Butch actually ghostwrote with Oasis...

damn right. I don't want these killjoys raining on my parade by telling me you can't copyright chords.

ditto, since I'm posting, to those who accuse pat of being more than just the mentor of the Black Eg.

>Shady back room deals

Karel and Otto vonGallagher. I can see it now. "Lennon is a peeg."

thesis regards


as an aside, I hate this shagnasty email package which seems to post about fourteen identical versions of everything I write. Apologies if it's still the case.

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