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Beep.. Butchie calling

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Fri 07 Jun 1996 - 23:24:32 PDT

Odd week for the answering machine here in cupertino, california..

Beep... Wednesday 6 P.M.

	It is Pat calling from Northampton.
	Give us a shout shortly.
	I need your help on a certain matter.

hmmm. i finally tracked him down this afternoon, and the certain matter, and how the jbc-list plays into it - is this: Fire Records is to re-release some old Glass-era Jazz Butcher records on CD. well.. guess what albums have had their master tapes go missing? right - ALL of them. fortunately, copies of the original CD releases for most have been found and they will suffice as "masters". Pat needs assistance in tracking down the Glass CD for the US-only release: Bloody Nonsense. i recall at least one jbc-list person mentioning that they own this rarity. let me know who you are, and we can get the ball rolling with the man.

the next message on my machine explains itself..

Beep... Thursday 7:43 P.M.

	I was just sitting here and... its the middle of the night here..
	I just got back from a Strange Tractors gig in Bristol..
	I was just sitting here putting my feet up, having a can of beer
	and watching the educational television programs running through
	the middle of the night.
	And there's an educational television program about the
	fashion industry.
	A woman come on with long blonde hair and she looked vaguely familiar
	and she was blathering away about software programs enable you to
	check out fabrics and how they would fall without actually having
	to draw them and go through all that fiddling about.
	And I was just sitting there thinking "what a familiar looking woman"
	when up came her name on the screen
	And her name...
	Was Caroline Wheeler

-david Received on Sat Jun 8 08:25:19 1996

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