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Re-issues and other stuff

From: <>
Date: Sun 16 Jun 1996 - 18:28:39 PDT

a follow-up to my previous post where i mentioned that pat was looking for old CDs - call off the hounds - they have them now.

Creation has re-issued the following albums in europe: Big Planet, Condition Blue, Edward's Closet. why? it is a mystery.

Dino/Fire are nearing the Glass-era re-issues. still no solid date, though.

NRG in new york is apparently making a Creation-era compilation, with vague threats to release Illuminate in the U.S.

"the new stuff" - still without an official name, though pat hopes that a name will "surface from all the lyrics". it is techno. there are 3 more days in the studio, and then he will be taking the DATs to Creation to see what they make of it.

question from pat: how much would you be willing to pay for premium bootlegs?

i will now take his advice and go home to have a beer.

-david Received on Mon Jun 17 03:25:18 1996

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