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Re: Re-issues and other stuff

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Mon 17 Jun 1996 - 15:41:12 PDT

>Creation has re-issued ... Edward's Closet.

surprised they didn't re-issue WesternFamily in all its blurry glory. Unless it was never deleted, of course. Edward's Closet is really a no-point compilation IMHO. (except for the amusing picture of Kizzy O'C being forcibly held against a wall by a bottle of champagne) It surely is a mystery why they choose that to re-issue. Why the hell not Fishcotheque?

>question from pat: how much would you be willing to pay for premium

Are we talking REAL MONEY here? Who the hell does he think he is, trying to charge money for his music? eh? The cheek of it.

Let me just check my wallet... Would a dead moth and an old recruitment ad from Webmedia do?

ed, lacking any news of note

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