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From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Tue 18 Jun 1996 - 14:33:00 PDT

How much would we be willing to pay for jbc bootlegs?

Let me tell you about a similar circumstance. Richard Thompson (one of my faves) for some reason is against people taping and trading his shows. His official explanation is that he doesn't like his less than stellar performances to be traded around and then people to hear them and say "oh man he's terrible in concert, I wouldn't bother seeing him". I think that translates into he's a perfectionist and likes to be able to have a hand in what people hear of him. Anyway, so what he (and his bassist, Danny Thompson) have decided to do is occasionally release, independently on some unknown label, concerts on cd. There are only something like 2000 of these made and they distribute them from authorized dealers only. These are people who sell them through Goldmine, Discoveries, etc. They sell for $19 + $2 S&H. They write on the cover that they do this to dissuade people from buying inferior quality boots at high prices (not to mention they get the profits).
I think this is a great idea and a fair price. So bottom line is:
Definately no more the $20 if on cd
and no more than $10 on cassette.

I'd buy 'em.


     Glen Davis
     San Diego, CA
     (619) 626-2121
Received on Tue Jun 18 23:35:55 1996
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