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Unmuddle my head, please

From: John Johnson <>
Date: Wed 19 Jun 1996 - 10:00:13 PDT

Somehow I missed out on any response to a recent query of a "just who is/was" Caroline Wheeler and Southern Mark Smith nature. In addition, who is this Rosemary Davis who blessedly resides in a world of sound? Please respond to us all, or to selfish little me.

Forgive the redundant nature of my question...but I am redundant, and repeat myself, and stuff.

Two additional items: a band calling itself "Semisonic" is scheduled to soon play here in Chicago....damn unfortunate coincidence.

Also, re the bootleg question: I would sell my local aquarium to my sister in order to have some of Pat's boots.
Though, $20 US seems about right.

Thanks all,
"A foolish consistency is the hobgobblin of little minds; adored by statesmen, philosophers, and divines"

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Received on Wed Jun 19 19:05:56 1996
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