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Re: Unmuddle my head, please

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Wed 19 Jun 1996 - 23:09:08 PDT

>Rosemary Davis
>was a BBC special effects person.

It's not my place as receiver of this information from other, more illustrious list members to act as authority. However, it's such a lovely story that I guess it's worth sticking my worth-nothing boot in here:

Rosemary Davis was, apparently, i/c the BBC special effects department. Inconceivably, something akin to a "greatest hits" package of sound effects was released at some point, viz: "Rosemary Davis' World of Sound". The tracklisting was, well, the lyrics. This is _so_ perfect, I can hardly believe it.

Curiously, this (RDWoS) record is not easily available, but anyone who spends any time working in the vicinity of BBC studios, as I have for the last few years (coincidentally), will know that Special Effects Records seem to be regularly chucked out into a large skip on the street outside. Why? Who knows, but a few pints and I'm down the local BBC skip mumbling something incoherent about finding this record.

Can't help re: caroline wheeler. Southern Mark Smith is, I believe, an archetype.

Esther, Esther. I'm coming for you Esther.

Re: bootlegs. Of what, exactly? I have, I admit, purchased a Sister-sized jiffy bag since our local aquarium is some 200 miles away, but I'd like to know what I'm buying into.

Re: Recent new subscriber. Is that Mark Russell Associates as in "Somewhere North of San Francisco" Mark Russell? Lost your email, sorry.


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