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Southern Mark Smith

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Sun 23 Jun 1996 - 22:05:28 PDT

A number of people have emailed me in manners ranging from patronising to helpful explaining that "Southern Mark Smith" is, of course, Mark E Smith. He of the Fall.

am I getting completely messed up inside my head? As I recall it all happened about the same time and MarkE was singing "Pat-  Dispenser" and bellowing "McGinty" in that way of his and Pat was singing about "Southern Mark Smith" and really it made for "spooky listening", being coincidental, but no more.

I mean, there are Mark Smiths (with an E) and SOUTHERN Mark Smiths (no e) and I am not at all sure the two have much in common except, perhaps, an ironic name similarity. All the rest is nit-picking, surely?

Or am I way off beam, point-missing or generally fouling up, as is my way?


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