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From: Alys Janice Schleicher <>
Date: Sun 23 Jun 1996 - 16:45:32 PDT

        As long as we have Pat online- I thought that I would throw out a few Big Questions...

        Is the farewell tour a sure thing? If so, is it going to be an all out tour or just a few selected dates (any chance of the jbc making back to Austin)? Suggestion- drag Max out of hiding and make him your opening act.

        The fire records deal seems to have come to a conclusion of sorts. What records are going to be re-issued and how do we get 'em.

        Lastly- I made the suggestion some time ago about having a jbc boxed set. What do you think? Of course the fire reissues would probably kill the idea- but along these lines, are you going to have any unreleased material put out under the JBC banner.          Received on Mon Jun 24 01:49:12 1996

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