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hanging out in rugby on a tuesday night

From: Howard Martin Lindholm <>
Date: Tue 02 Jul 1996 - 11:07:18 PDT

is it just me or is anyone else out there intrigued by the seemingly indecipherable web between the jbc, spacemen 3, and galaxie 500? pat often works with sonic boom. pat's covered dean's "tugboat." and i've seen dean sporting a spacemen 3 shirt at more than 2 gigs. can anyone shed more light on this eerie connection? did they all go to summer camp together in rugby? has anyone covered the jbc? how do pat and jason spacemen get along? and where can we place the black watch in this puzzle? then it might be fun fun to play "3 degrees to pat" in which every rock star can be tied to pat via no more than two other rock stars. wanna play? excellent

loch ness kitten Received on Tue Jul 2 20:15:42 1996

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