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Sumosonic Music Videos

From: <>
Date: Sun 07 Jul 1996 - 18:17:01 PDT

A very mysterious email dumped into my mailbox this morning from a Creation records address. Contained within it were a Macintosh BinHex.

Lot of good that does me, what with a Sun, SGI and Windows machine here.

Walk around, snoop around, find a Mac on someone else's desk.

Download, let the Mac do its perversities to finally reveal...

3 Sumosonic music video excerpts!

For those interested, the original BinHex may be found off of the Jazz Butcher Web site:


I seem to be unable to teleport the videos themselves off of the Mac, so I cannot even guess their format. So - could some Mac guru out there grab the BinHex from the website, extract the videos and make them available to the world somehow? (conversion to .mpg would be greatly appreciated)


ps - Sumosonic is the residue of the JBC making dance music pps - I will let others review the videos Received on Mon Jul 8 03:15:39 1996