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Re: Jack

From: E.B. <>
Date: Thu 25 Jul 1996 - 23:45:44 PDT

>Over on the Tindersticks list, some are comparing a band named Jack to the
>Jazz Butcher. Has anybody on this list heard Jack? (Bad puns not
>John Dylan Cooper

I've heard the album. I like a lot of Too Pure artists (Faith Healers, PJ, Stereolab, Seefeel, Mouse On Mars...I especially recommend Laika, whom many of you probably haven't heard), but the Jack album didn't quite make it for me. It talks a lot about drinking a la Jazz Butcher, and the music isn't all that different from the Blue Aeroplanes, I suppose. But they have too much of that Echo/Smiths new-romantic aura for me. A near miss. I'd like to write something more detailed, but I heard the album well over a month ago and it's not fresh in my memory anymore.

I could certainly see Tindersticks fans liking Jack, though. (I'm not a Tindersticks fan, myself. Ugh, that VOICE! <Shudder>)

GB Received on Fri Jul 26 08:48:21 1996

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