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JBC Review In Q (fwd)

From: M.M.J. Fogel <>
Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 14:38:17 PDT

A friend of mine, Michael Hanna, scared this up for me and I thought it might interest you folks in the pasture.

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  • Forwarded message ---------- Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 23:58:29 -0400 (EDT) From: Michael Hanna <> To: Matthew Fogel <> Subject: JBC Review In Q

Here's a review for the rerelease of a JBC album I found on Q magazine's web site. Thought you like to read it.

     Drums The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy
     Draining The Glass
     Nectar Masters NTMCD529
     Falling off stages and learning to live with obscurity have been
     the wise watchwords of Pat Fish and the elegantly named Jazz
     Butcher Conspiracy since they began their indie noodlings in the
     early-'80s. Fuelled by a fondness for Carlsberg Special Brew and an
     attachment to the chord progressions of post-punk stalwarts like
     Orange Juice, they have quietly filled racks of second-hand record
     stores with collections of songs of wit, warmth and melodic
     muscularity. This compression of four albums begins with the cult
     classic Southern Mark Smith, indulges in B-movie frippery (Zombie
     Love, The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula) and machismo baiting
     (Real Men) before spreading out the genuine pop nuggets like
     Girlfriend, Big Saturday and Party Time. Too talented to be
     dismissed as a whimsical pop eccentricity, the JBC deserve a wider
     audience than the rancid moshpits that usually welcome them.
     Three stars
     Paul Davies Received on Fri Oct 25 23:57:50 1996

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