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Come, Friendly Listlings

From: Michael H Whitworth <>
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 04:15:30 PST

Is there anybody out there?

No-one seems to have commented on Come Friendly Spacemen. Was the copy I obtained in the Virgin Megastore the only one to be sold in the UK? or did the exposure on the website blunt its impact? (fraid we're much too lo-tech here at UWB to go playing music in our offices) Anyway, I think it's great. Pat might not welcome the comparison, but there's a brilliant celebratory energy that takes me right back to the original Southern Mark Smith (the 'Meet the Pope' version). And there's a lovely guitar bit in the middle section. I can predict all the ways that the press will slag it (are there any reviews?) but I at least am happy.

Not too sure about the Sumosonic logo (a bit transamerican truck corp for me), but the sleeve is fun.

Surely someone saw them live?

        Michael Received on Thu Jan 9 04:15:30 1997

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