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Re: Sumosonic

From: Alice <>
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 05:15:11 PST

>Micro-mini news from the fish frontier:
>Apparently, Sumosonic had their live debut ("lots of girls on stage.
>that's what I want") on or about the New Year, in sunny Northampton.
>Does anyone know any more than that?

The gig was on New Year's Eve at the Rocking Horse (the music venue bit at the back of the Racehorse pub, Abington Square, Northampton). But sadly neither I nor Musical Dave (ex of Northampton combo Hobo Swill/Ubu Swirl and my beau of the mo) could be there. So we don't know what it was like.

Anyone know how it went?


PS. I've now heard the Sumosonic album - it's great!

Received on Thu Jan 9 05:15:11 1997
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