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Come Friendly Spacemen

From: Joe Weiland <>
Date: Thu 09 Jan 1997 - 17:03:25 PST

In an attempt to add to this heavy traffic I'll comment on Come Friendly Spacemen. I heard it last summer on the radio while driving along the edge of L.A. and I still don't know what station it was on or how they happened on the tape... But I was struck by the song as it sounded like a blend of JBC's Big Questions and Cute submarines. A little less of the beat box of B.Q.-but still the same vocal style...I haad to say that I spent the first minute listening just trying to figure out if it was indeed Pat> After I had made up my mind I could finaly enjoy it....

Anyways, Other than this one LA radio copy, has anyone seen a copy in any store in the states? Word on a release date?

Rolling on into a dark and stormy night.....

Okay, I got the CD-single and on my first or second listen it hit me what it reminded me of, Carter USM. Anyone agree or disagree? I'm not so sure about Monks and the other track (I don't even remember what it is.) but I really enjoy Come Friendly Spacemen. As far as the logo I think it's great, just cheesy enough to get the kind of exposure 311 has with their logo.      


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