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Website updates

From: de l`abattoir <>
Date: Thu 13 Feb 1997 - 03:09:08 PST

for those who have not dropped by the JBC/Sumosonic websites recently, there is a bit of new news:

  1. Sumosonic will be playing London on 11 Mar. details at:
  2. those who do not have the new early-era compilation "Draining The Glass", take a look at the albums sections of the website - i have scanned all the images and done the usual bit with the liner notes. people not familiar with JBC history may want to start here:


	   Pat^H^H^HKarel's done his homework, as almost all the gigs
	   mentioned in the liner notes map into real gig files
	   in the gigs section of the website.  makes a pretty
	   nice read.
	3) Pat has sent me his marked-up copy of the lyrics from
	   the website and he filled in all the tunes in the ToDo
	   list - now i have to find the time to correct the website..


-david Received on Thu Feb 13 03:09:08 1997

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