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Something new..

From: de l`abattoir <>
Date: Tue 25 Feb 1997 - 13:00:10 PST

I am playing around with the idea for an interactive JBC trivia thingy on the website.

Sort of a treasure hunt of information scattered throughout the 2500+ pages(!) with a ranking thing so TrueFans can let it hang out.

as a precursor, and as a way to liven this place up a bit, here is a sampling of the types of questions:

  1. What song had lyrics, but was released as an instrumental
  2. Which tune does pat claim to be the first written
  3. Which album has the word "ludicrous" in two consecutive tunes
  4. Iain O'Higgins began his JBC association with what album
  5. In what city was "Vienna Song" written
  6. "Hairbrush & The Tank" is a satire of what
  7. Which songs refer to Elephants
  8. Who is "Tufty"
  9. Where was Max Eider's last 80's gig with the JBC performed
  10. Describe the Black Eg's debut

i will let y'all stew a week on these - send me your responses directly. we can debate the results after everyone has time to find the answers.

note: all answers are available on the site, and some questions may have more than one correct answer!

btw - i have updated all the lyrics with pat's corrections, and only have about 10 more to enter which weren't there already. some of the new lyrics have interesting(*) annotations as well.

(*) hint

-david Received on Tue Feb 25 13:00:10 1997

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