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JBC Trivial Results

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 06 Mar 1997 - 14:23:22 PST

geez, guys. over 200 of you and only 3 people bothered to participate in the trivia thing i sent out last week..

here is how they did:

#3: Arik Florimonte - 2.5/10
#2: Knight Berman - 5.0/10
#1: Jim Reickel - 7.5/10

and now the answers:

  1. What song had lyrics, but was released as an instrumental
	2) Which tune does pat claim to be the first written
		conflicting reports on this - two possible answers..
		a) South America
		b) Partytime
	3) Which album has the word "ludicrous" in two consecutive tunes
		Fishcotheque (Get It Wrong & Out Of Touch)
	4) Iain O'Higgins began his JBC association with what album
	5) In what city was "Vienna Song" written
	6) "Hairbrush & The Tank" is a satire of what
		David J's song "The Vandal & The Saint"
		this has come up a couple of times on the mailing list
	7) Which songs refer to Elephants
		Water, She's A Yo-Yo,
		A Great Visitation of Elephants, Bath Of Bacon, La Mer
	8) Who is "Tufty"
		David J.
	9) Where was Max Eider's last 80's gig with the JBC performed
		27Nov1986 - Zurich Switzerland
		both Knight and Reickel said "Onsabruck"... why?
	10) Describe the Black Eg's debut
		two possible answers
		a) the Black Eg album's liner notes describes it as:
		   at their first and only public appearance, at a bar
		   in Vienna, the proceedings closed in utter confusion
		   after members of the public, objecting to The Black Eg's
		   relentlessly tedious version of Morricone's theme to
		   The Good, The Bad & The Ugly caused a near riot when
		   they attacked the band with C.S. gas.
		b) the London debut, however was much more pedestrian:

To those attending the Sumosonic gig on the 11th in London:

        Share! webspace awaits your audio/visual captures!

-david Received on Thu Mar 6 14:23:22 1997

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