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RE: Sumosonic Gig - Directions?

From: Dr Edward Carter <>
Date: Fri 07 Mar 1997 - 03:26:11 PST

Don't know why I'm sending this to the mailing list really.

Repeat plea for information re the Sumosonic Gig. For tax reasons I won't be able to go... although I'd admit to quite fancying it for a night out. Pat is always impressed by people flying in for gigs as well.

People have asked about my photos of the Final Ever Gig at the Garage. I have them, but due to limitations of photographic equipment, they are blurry and nasty. Due, also, to being very drunk at the time, the composition may leave a little to be desired. I find it hard to look at them because they are so disappointing, but once our scanner comes back from the Scanner Doctor, I promise to try and sharpen them up in Photoshop.

and I never even _knew_ about the trivia quiz! Damn... quite easy as it turns out and I could have won some JBCgeekKudos by getting at least 5. Pish.

>I'll be in London on business the week of the Sumosonic gig. Can
>someone give me directions on how to get to the Powerhaus from the City?

Go to Angel Station (which should be open) and it's basically across the street from the main entrance. Northern line (City Branch).

It's pretty central, and a cab from King's Cross will take about five minutes.

>Also, are advance tickets required? or can they be purchased at the

well, you can buy them in advance from most suitable ticket outlets: Astoria on Charing Cross Road is a handy central one... but if it's anything like the last Powerhaus JBC gig I was at, you'd be hard pressed to queue at the bar, let alone not get a ticket. I accept no responsibility if it _is_ a sell-out.


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Received on Fri Mar 7 03:26:11 1997
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