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RE: Sumosonic Gig - Directions?

From: Jonathan Turner <>
Date: Fri 07 Mar 1997 - 05:43:27 PST

At 11:26 AM 7/3/97, Dr Edward Carter wrote:

(>> and John Devitofrancesch wrote, earlier):

>>I'll be in London on business the week of the Sumosonic gig. Can
>>someone give me directions on how to get to the Powerhaus from the City?
>Go to Angel Station (which should be open) and it's basically across
>the street from the main entrance. Northern line (City Branch).

Ah, that's the OLD Powerhaus - it's now relocated to the (former ?) Goerge Robey pub in Finsbury Park. Opposite one of the exits from Finsbury Park tube station (the right hand one as you leave the station, I think). Ask in the station if you can't find it - they're likely to know where the George Robey is if they don't know the Powerhaus. It's on the Seven Sisters Road, anyway, near the old Rainbow Theatre.

>It's pretty central, and a cab from King's Cross will take about
>five minutes.

Tube from King's Cross - Victoria line - will take five minutes or so.

>>Also, are advance tickets required? or can they be purchased at the

I'd just turn up -" Time Out" lists Sumosonic as third on the bill (of four bands) to "Shade" and someone else I haven't heard of. Four pounds entry.

Jonathan. Received on Fri Mar 7 05:43:27 1997

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