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Re: Sumosonic Gig - Directions?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Fri 07 Mar 1997 - 09:55:06 PST

> the Sumosonic gig.

> >Also, are advance tickets required? or can they be purchased at the
> >door?
> well, you can buy them in advance from most suitable ticket outlets:
> Astoria on Charing Cross Road is a handy central one... but if it's
> anything like the last Powerhaus JBC gig I was at, you'd be hard
> pressed to queue at the bar, let alone not get a ticket. I accept
> no responsibility if it _is_ a sell-out.
> ed

hey guys - i was asked to put up this message on the websites:

        Message From The House Of Sumo:

     	Sumosonic will be playing live at the Powerhaus, London at 9:15
	pm on Tuesday 11th March '97.  Tube Station: Finsbury Park.
	People who want discounted tickets should call The House Of Sumo
	on 01604 20294.

i swear i had mentioned this before..

Received on Fri Mar 7 09:55:06 1997
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