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From: Paul H. Wegner <>
Date: Mon 17 Mar 1997 - 08:11:43 PST

I was turned on to the JBC by my ultra-hip college roommate, who repeatedly proved himself well-versed in all music alternative. At that time I taped all of his JBC records; however, because of old age and overuse, these cassettes are beginning to wear out. I have been able to track down all of the stuff Butch recorded for Creation Records, but apart from the recent Draining the Glass compilation, have had no luck finding any of the earlier music, on vinyl or CD. I know that most of this material is out of print, and a tour of New York City record stores yielded nothing. My favorite JBC record is Fishcotheque, but I'd love to find the earlier records. For some reason I never taped my roommate's copy of a Scandal in Bohemia, and I don't think he ever found Sex and Travel or The Gift of Music.

Any suggestions?

               Received on Mon Mar 17 08:11:43 1997

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