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From: <>
Date: Mon 17 Mar 1997 - 10:49:39 PST

Hello all, My name is Kristy just thought I'd introduce myself since I'm new on the list I'm 21 and live in Huntington Beach California. Paulweg I have A Scandal in Bohemia, which I can record for you. I have Fishcotheque but it's an album and my recorder hooked up to my record player isn't working.Sorry. I know how you feel my tape of Distressed Gentlefolk broke and I couldn't find Bath of Bacon, and someone over the computer just helped me. So I have both of those great albums now. yay! Well anyways I'd be happy to help you just e-mail me with your address. P.S. What does everyone think of the Sumosonic single? Bye for now, Galaxie10 Received on Mon Mar 17 10:49:39 1997

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