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From: Jim Davies <>
Date: Sat 22 Mar 1997 - 13:55:55 PST

Sumosonic report

Sound was initially v. poor, but improved after the first song (CF Spacemen). Vocals/rap handled by unknown person - sounded slightly unsure. Female backing vox v. good throughout. Musicianship excellent comme d'habitude. Audience inc. sad hippy bloke but also luminaries such as Tim from Homer and Wotjek from BA.

Not just Butcher legacy here but felt that his vocals had an authority that was noticeably absent otherwise. Liked new bloke though - maybe better sound would have helped him. Sound problems worst for guitar. Lighting really good, incidentally.

Venue fortified, previous band quite dodgy (Rush fans), nevertheless fun evening - good impression made. Girlfriend disappointed by rendition of CFS, and worried by presence of unfashionable sad hippy bloke. Steve (raver) loved it. Christie (teacher) liked it. I thought it was brilliant. There you go. ------- End of forwarded message ------- Received on Sat Mar 22 13:55:55 1997

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