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From: Jill Dorrell <>
Date: Sun 06 Apr 1997 - 04:29:33 PDT

how do yankee blokes like meself get to be able to flnd lp releases not available here in Russia whoops I mean America like the upcoming release by SUMOSONIC I.'ve always have to wait at least a year before i stumble across one in the bargain bins i feel like im ripping you off considering the price i've paid for far worse albums . will there be any SUMO gigs in SMEL L.A. or SUN DIEGO this summer

or fall  hope  so                               this is a friends email
adress  so  send  response  via  mr. norris
hey  what ever  happened  to                      Caroline  Wheeler's
birthday  presents                  she keeps  ask ing  me about  them                   
Received on Sun Apr 6 03:29:33 1997
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