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The Violent Years

From: Adrian H. D. Bell <>
Date: Mon 07 Apr 1997 - 00:26:41 PDT

I've just spotted The Violent Years compilation at, I think for about US$12. I already have all the creation cds but thought I'd pick this one up for my brother who's not adverse to a bit of jbc. But before I buy, does anyone know the track listing?

I thought the "Draining the Glass" CD was a good coverage of Pat's early work. Shame that they missed "Only a Rumour" though (my all-time fave). They could have made the Glass compilation a 2CD set and kept all Butcherphiles happy.

Finally, any more word on the Sumosonic CD? I picked up Come Friendly Spacemen and can't say I warmed to it like I usually do with a new JBC record. But of course, it's not mean't to be more of the same. I'm interested to hear the full CD when it arrives.

Lately, I've been really been enjoying the two "Animals that swim" CDs : Workshy & I Was King. I heard of them via this list. Whoever made the tip, thanks they're brilliant. Do these guys still play around UK and are they working on any new stuff? OK, so I'm straying from topic.


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Received on Mon Apr 7 00:26:41 1997
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