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Violent Years

From: Mike Egli <>
Date: Tue 08 Apr 1997 - 10:51:08 PDT

I have to agree with Dr. Ed on the Fishcoteque selections... how can Swell NOT be chosen for this compilation...and Chickentown what about The Best Way or even better Susie. Someone should sit down with Pat and make sure he knows what people really like....!

Although I must say I will be quite happy when it get's here, I just ordered it yesterday from CDNOW.

> >does anyone know the track listing?
> she's a yo-yo, mister odd, she's on drugs, bicycle kid, get it wrong,
> chickentown, sister death, girls say yes, our friends, the filth,
> sweetwater, whadday?, ghosts, pineapple tuesday, shirley maclaine,
>girl-go -- all with brief fish-esq narratives on the liner notes.

> I give it the Yank's thumbs up.

being a crypto-anal-retentive englishman, I reserve judgement. However, isn't it a bid of an odd and selective, erm, selection from fishcotheque on here? I mean, where are the good ones?

Get It Wrong is (two knock'em'dead clever lyrics aside) IMHO the weakest song on that album and yet it makes it all the way to the compilation.

...Or do the liner-notes explain the selection?


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