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Violent Years

From: Dave Coverly <102350.3204_at_CompuServe.COM>
Date: Tue 08 Apr 1997 - 13:54:44 PDT

Two cents...

I have to agree with Dr.Ed and Mike about the Fishcoteque selections--personally, I think Keeping the Curtains Closed is one of Pat's all-time best. It also would have been nice to see a couple B-sides or unreleased cuts on this, though I'll still pick it up--a JBC CD is still a JBC CD, after all...I am pleased with the inclusion of Bicycle Kid, though--does anybody know if Pat picked the tracks himself?

And this may have been asked, but is there a date yet for the Sumo full-length disc?

Dave Coverly Received on Tue Apr 8 13:54:44 1997

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