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Violent Years

From: Joe Weiland <>
Date: Wed 09 Apr 1997 - 10:04:49 PDT

     I must say that since this is just a re-release of available least I've been able to find it all, it doesn't create 
     too much excitement for me.  I can't imagine putting together a list 
     of favorites as they seem to change with each listening-Exection being 
     Racheland, always on the tops.  
     For Sonia's benefit, it is worth the revisting of WFtLB and 
     Illuminate.  They are as filled wit charm and solace as any of the 
     predessors..... This could be preaching to the choir, I know.  But 
     mention this because between the first listening to Cult o' t B and 
     the second listening, months went by and it wasn't untill a year went 
     by that I found the true magic.  Now I think it is one of the best. Or 
     is it one of the other best...They are all on the top for a bit.
     Sumosonic has been in and out of the player, and still hasn't hit a 
     cord for me.  Ican't help but smile when I think of Friendly Spacement 
     and the purple Shrouds at the same time.  It was worth all the studio 
     time and effort simply for the irony. Anyway, I am looking for a full 
     length LP to realy get a feel for where Pat is headed. Any word on 
Received on Wed Apr 9 10:04:49 1997
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