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the Violent Me

From: Kris A Collis <>
Date: Thu 10 Apr 1997 - 08:27:22 PDT

This may offend some but If I were in charge of making a JBC compolation it would include : grooving,roadrunner,gloop jiving,rebecca wants...,partytime,mark smith,betty page,down the drain,soul happy,devil is my can see where i'm going here. the best stuff is the stuff with MAX ! can't we all just get along? how 'bout a reunion tour with "me and max and dave and jones" ? Max, if your out there, we love you. how 'bout another solo album? just thoght i'd ask. anyway, thats a lowly person from Buffalo's opinion. anybody wanna answer to that ?! Kritter. Received on Thu Apr 10 08:27:22 1997

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