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From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Fri 11 Apr 1997 - 00:58:00 PDT

hello all.

yeah, well i picked up the new comp (Violent Years) and it is a good listen. i too recommend - quick turnaround and the price wuz right - about $17 US.

i have been cleaning up the website some more.

there are lots of new photographs i added about 30 new audio samples everything about the new comp and the mailing list archives are up-to-date again

the front page now includes a photograph of pat's guestroom if anyone is curious to see what a typical wall in the fish household looks like. yes - that *is* the orginal painting used on the Cult cover hanging on the wall.

sleepy time..

-david Received on Fri Apr 11 00:58:00 1997

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